About Brendan Maxwell

Founder and Director of The Decisive Point


Brendan is all about supporting clients, particularly those who want to gain a competitive edge. Brendan has adapted many of his planning tools that served him well on military deployments for corporate clients that are seeking to align staff to a plan, clients who want to communicate with influence and clients who care about maintaining an advantage during periods of complexity and disruption.

No two stories are the same and Brendan’s story has a few points of difference. Whilst he may have grown up on the West Coast of Australia, Brendan was fortunate to have spent most of his career in the service of others. Brendan served in the Australian Army where he reached the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Through his multiple deployments in Iraq, Beirut and Afghanistan, Brendan learnt the importance of investing just as much time in the communication of a plan as in the development of a plan.

Brendan has managed to adapt a number of lessons learnt from the high profile appointments he has held. As the Unit Commander of the 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit, he was selected to deploy as the Head of Communication of the Victoria Bushfire Recovery and Reconstruction Authority in the immediate response to Australia’s largest natural disaster. Brendan was also selected to deploy to provide strategic advice during the search for missing Malaysian Airlines MH370. Brendan has had to face the cameras and lights directly when he fulfilled the role as spokesperson to deliver press conferences in the Middle East in response to high profile security incidents.

Since leaving Defence, Brendan has been a consultant for a number of years with clients such as the West Coast Eagles AFL team in Perth. He also worked in the education industry as the Director of Communication for Perth’s largest private school. Brendan moved back to the East Coast to take up a position as the General Manager Strategy for the Gold Coast Suns AFL team and he has been in charge of the corporate strategy and management of media for the Office of Commonwealth Games.

Brendan holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Strategy and Policy from the University of New South Wales. He received five commendations during his service in the Australian Army.