Communication PROGRAM

If you are a company that cares about communication and values, you need to put some rigour behind it.

The Decisive Point provides a communication program that includes strategic communication planning, media management, social media exploitation and crisis communication.

We help you to turn your observers into your influencers.


Creating Influence and Engagement

It starts with a whole of organisation communication approach.

We provide your staff with a Strategic Communication Plan that includes the drafting of a master narrative, target audience identification, key messages and provision of media product templates including media releases and media alerts.




The Decisive Point has vast experience in the preparation, conduct and delivery of press conferences for high profile and sensitive incidents that have gained international media attention. You can benefit from this experience. Let The Decisive Point provide you with expert advice or facilitate media training for you or your leadership group to ensure you have people who are prepared to perform in a crisis.

We identify opportunities and channels that will enable you to be the subject matter expert, to influence media coverage and become a spokesperson of choice for your industry.


We provide social media thought leadership on how to turn your observers into influencers through innovative tools such as active engagement.

We care about more than just shares and retweets, by using tools such as social media optimisation to ensure that your content is exploited on the right channels, in the right time, in the right way.

Most importantly we help you to communicate in clear and simple language.

Language that is understood and creates a connection with your customers and target audience.