Reputation & Crisis Management Program

Reputations are hard fought but easily lost.

We provide our clients with a Reputation and Crisis Management Program that provides expertise and training in preparation for periods of complexity and crisis. We take a continuous improvement approach that will give your business a competitive advantage.


Reputations are hard fought but easily lost

We ensure that your business is prepared to lead during an emerging or complex issue so your organisation comes out with its reputation intact.

We do this by supporting our clients in the preparation and training before the crisis by implementing proven reputation management programs.

We will help you to fill the information vacuum with considered and measured narrative to enhance your reputation during periods of complexity and disruption.




The Decisive Point has extensive experience in dealing with a number of high profile and complex reputation issues. We have drawn from these lessons learnt to develop and implement a proven Reputation and Crisis Management Program.

Relationships with key stakeholders, development of your message and the platforms that you communicate through are fundamental. This includes your relationship with the media and the use of your social media channels.


We conduct table top exercises with the key personnel in your organisation to rehearse the roles that must be played in a crisis. We document all learnings and provide continuous improvement tools to capture all lessons.

We ensure responsibilities are clear and well documented so that a standard operating procedure is developed.

We will remain on call for media and strategic advice for key leaders throughout the management of your crisis or incident.