Through our Strategic Business Plan Program we link your strategic objectives to tactical actions. Aligning your staff to your strategy is critical - our point of difference is we ensure this strategy is communicated to your staff and key stakeholders.


Delivering a Strategic Business plan that helps you to define your Unity of Purpose

A strategic business plan keeps your business on track and focused on what is important. It looks at your business and narrows it down to the things that it is actually good at doing.




The Decisive Point supports clients through the design and implementation of business strategies that boost competitiveness. We identify business value, increase profitability and help you to keep costs down by aligning staff and communicating priorities.

Businesses need to be more agile, flexible and aligned. Innovation is required to deliver new products to new customers in new markets. A business ‘reset’ or ‘pivot’ requires a business plan that provides clear communication to your internal audience and key stakeholders.

We specialise in business and operational strategy development and are experts in strategic business plans made simple.

Business Plans Made Simple

We provide a situational analysis and we identify what’s important. We help to define objectives that must be achieved and determine who is accountable. We then monitor, evaluate and review.

Business Plans Made Simple

We provide monitoring tools that allow you to maintain oversight of how your strategic business plan objectives are tracking. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement tools to capture lessons learnt and intellectual property. This assists with developing both short and long-term learning loops so staff gain knowledge throughout the program.

Business Plans Made Simple

Our point of difference with our strategic business plan program is we support you to clearly communicate your strategic plan. This will ensure your staff or key stakeholders are aligned, empowered and linked to the achievement of its success.  Define your unity of purpose for your business.