The Decisive Point is part of your support team that helps to define your Unity of Purpose through a deliberate strategic planning program. We help you to communicate your purpose to your stakeholders through our communication program using clear and effective communication. We ensure that your business is always one step ahead during periods of complexity, crisis and disruption with the support of our crisis and reputation management program.

The Decisive Point will help leaders to identify critical factors, that when acted upon, will gain a marked advantage and contribute materially to achieving success.



Through our Strategic Business Plan Program we link your strategic objectives to tactical actions. Aligning your staff to your strategy is critical -our point of difference is we ensure this strategy is clearly communicated to your staff and key stakeholders.



If you are a company that cares about communication and values, you need to put some rigour behind it.

The Decisive Point provides a communication program that includes strategic communication planning, media management, social media exploitation and crisis communication.

We help you to turn your observers into your influencers.




Reputations are hard fought but easily lost.

We provide our clients with a Reputation and Crisis Management Program that provides expertise and training in preparation for periods of complexity and crisis. Give your business a competitive advantage by implementing continuous improvement and reputation management programs. Be planned and prepared in times of crisis.



To support leadership and key staff through deliberate planning and enabling functions during critical phases and specific key events, that when acted upon, allow our clients to gain a marked advantage that contributes to achieving success.



Our Values are given priority status in order to build authentic bonds with our clients.

They include: Vision, Integrity, Technical Proficiency, Continuous Improvement, Courage.



We are comfortable with the uncomfortable. We are comfortable with complexity and chaos because we are a well planned, well executed and well measured strategic business planning, communication and reputation management company.