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JLB-Yaran had a great story to tell as an Indigenous and veteran-owned enterprise but didn’t know how to tell it. In the competitive Defence industry sector, JLB-Yaran needed to find its point of difference and communicate that to its target audience to grow and build the enterprise.


JLB-Yaran engaged The Decisive Point to increase the company’s profile and value offering as a Professional Service Provider to the Australian Defence industry.

The Decisive Point team observed, listened, and collaborated with the JLB-Yaran team in several interactive workshops to draw out the story and enabled a forum for the JLB-Yaran team to identify their truths, values and aims for the business.

The Decisive Point provided the roadmap and guidance through numerous workshops to generate an authentic narrative that encapsulated JLB-Yaran values, capabilities and contribution to Australia’s Defence and national security capabilities.


With a comprehensive and authentic strategic communication plan, JLB-Yaran has been able to articulate its story, deliver action, and create a purpose that has underscored its strategic planning and media engagements. As an outcome of the Strategic Communication Plan, JLB-Yaran has developed a new website that communicates its values, offerings, story and purpose.

JLB-Yaran has achieved significant media interest and coverage through the TDP Media Engagement Plan, leading to continued growth and success.

This has been pivotal to JLB-Yaran’s ongoing commercial development as a Professional Service Provider to the Australian Defence industry, as demonstrated by their recent signing with Team Downer and expanding the Indigenous Defence Employment Program (IDEP) that works to increase indigenous participation in the Defence workforce.

JLB-Yaran Logo
New JLB-Yaran website
New JLB-Yaran website

Appreciate your support with this and our feeling is pure excitement with how we will put this Strategic Communication Plan and other deliverables into action. Grateful of your work with JLB-Yaran and having The Decisive Point as part of our support team.

- Brendan Dumbrell, Managing Director - JLB-Yaran