The Decisive Point provides industry best practice relating to Strategic Communication, Reputation Management, Stakeholder Engagement, Social Media, Branding and Video Production.

Our experience includes supporting some of the largest and most complex programs across Government, Defence and Industry.



If you are a company that cares about communication and values, you need to put some rigour behind it.

We help you create an authentic and strong value proposition for your company and then help you share this with the people who matter. We help you to turn your observers into your influencers.

The Decisive Point provides a communication program that includes strategic communication planning, media management, social media best practice and crisis communication.



Reputations are hard-fought but easily lost. We help you plan and be prepared for times of crisis before you are in it.

The Decisive Point provides businesses a Reputation and Crisis Management Program that guarantees expertise and training in preparation for periods of complexity and crisis.

We help give your business a competitive advantage by implementing continuous improvement and reputation management programs.



Through our Strategic Business Plan Program, we link your strategic objectives to tactical actions. We believe that a team united in purpose and aligned to one key strategy is a team primed for success.

The Decisive Point collaborates with your team to create an authentic and unified plan for your business. We then work to ensure this plan is communicated effectively across all staff and stakeholders.



Our goal is to communicate your organisation’s values and vision. By truly understanding your organisation’s ‘why’, it enables us to create a strong brand for your organisation which resonates with you, your staff, and your key stakeholders.



If you’ve identified your target audiences and key messages, video is one of the best ways to communicate your value proposition and increase your reach across multiple platforms.