The Decisive Point was founded in 2017, with the origins of the business name emerging from Founder Brendan Maxwell’s involvement in planning for military operations during his previous deployments in Iraq, Beirut and Afghanistan.

In military symbols, The Decisive Point would be depicted on a line of operation diagram by drawing a triangle above this factor.

Thus the design and methodology of The Decisive Point logo and business name has its origins in the spirit of deliberate planning and decisive decision making, often under complexity and crisis, to achieve any given mission.

The lessons learnt on military operations have encouraged TDP to follow a similar deliberate process in consulting with clients with the conduct of a situational analysis, developing courses of action, implementing programs, then monitoring, reviewing and measuring outcomes have become fundamental to The Decisive Point’s comprehensive business approach.

The Decisive Point logo
The Decisive Point logo


To support leadership and key staff through deliberate planning and enabling functions during critical phases and specific key events, that when acted upon, allow our clients to gain a marked advantage that contributes to achieving success.


We believe in more than the bottom line and take pride in helping capture an organisation’s culture and spirit.

The Decisive Point gives priority status to an alignment of values that builds authentic bonds with our clients.

We care. We collaborate. We provide objective, honest, and robust advice to build capability in your organisation, deliver outcomes and shape success.


We demonstrate a view for the big picture. We understand how to link strategic objectives to tactical actions.


This is key to The Decisive Point business client journey. We find the biggest problem in the room and with our clients, we stand next to it. When challenged, we communicate our values. When we make a mistake, we own it. 

Technical Proficiency
Technical Profiency

This is the basis of everything we do. The ability to demonstrate our expertise and proficiency in our roles is paramount. We will be given the opportunity to demonstrate the proficiency of your appointment. 

Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

We provide a situational analysis and we identify what’s important. We help to define objectives that must be achieved and determine who is accountable. We then monitor, evaluate and review. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement tools that capture lessons learnt and intellectual property. 


This is the conviction to provide honest advice and actions regardless of personality, position or personal career cost. To speak out and act when we see or know something is wrong. 


We are comfortable with the uncomfortable. We are comfortable with complexity and chaos because we are a well planned, well executed and well measured strategic business planning, communication and reputation management company.